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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 2, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tomorrow, 10:30 p.m. eastern and midnight. we'll see you then. see you in denver. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5 verz in new york city. this is "the five." did the obama administration deny the consulate in libya for more protection before last month's deadly attack? that is what a house committee alleges and they want answers. leaders of the oversight and government reform committee sent letter to hillary clinton asking why the request for security were denied by washington. they site multiple government officials as the sources. it has threats on facebook that targeted
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ambassadorsteins. andrea, we are three weeks to the day from the four ambassadors were killed. you have a committee now saying the answers are not good enough. they don't make sense. secretary of state hillary clinton says she will cooperate with congress. the right thing to do. there will be a hearing next wednesday. interesting today when we were talking last night and today, you saw that the press is not letting up on this. in particular, the editorial boards are starting to say wait a second, something does not seem right here. >> andrea: i don't think they could ignore it any longer. it's a shame it has take then long. but the evidence has just been overwhelming. really, credit fox news for leading the charge on this. the reporting is excellent. we have found out also last week that there with four attacks leading up to the attack in libya. the signs were there. simple quell for the administration. did it leave the americans out to die?
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did they drop the ball or ignore the ball? who specifically -- this is what obama should ask. if the media is now asking the question he is the only one who hasn't said i want answers. who saw the requests and said you know what? 9/11 is coming. i'm going to ignore it. >> dana: in addition to that, the question of the core where was the security or why wasn't it there. or were requests denied, it was the explanation that lasted for nine days before they finally got to something that they admitted, which we all could see in the first 24 hours. it was a terrorist attack. eric, do you think they will continue to have problems in this regard? as you continue to pull the thread, sweater is unraveling before your eyes. >> eric: great point. >> eric: we were here 20 days in the row. the story. some people jump on and some jump off. main stream media never looked at it. now the letter, darrell issa,
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signed by issa, the media has to watch now. april 6 in benghazi, two libyans threw a small i.e.d. over the consulate fence. april dop, contractors kidnapped, this one is the scary one. june 6, two months prior to the attack. placed an i.e.d. at the north gate of the consulate in benghazi blowing a hole big enough for 4 men to walk through. now we have a time line. we have e-mails. information now that will implicate the obama administration. if you pull that sweater it will come off and there will be exposing too many things we don't want to see. >> in the communication, one of the first things you want to do is admit what you know and admit what you don't know. administration went full bore blaming spontaneous attack on a video that is not true. intel community last friday tried to take the fall for it. people aren't buying it. something happened in the seven days where the white house and the intel community
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weren't talking to one another. >> bob: i want to know the key question, where did the video come from? where did the story -- sorry, that's greg's question. >> dana: that is the key question. >> bob: first, the reports you read here that is such a big suspenseful surprise, i read three of those in the newspaper. particularly the bombing at the gate. number two, i notice the request of the administration, when you say they left them, they left them out there to die. based on what? based on anonymous people in the administration probably republicans who are, people who are on civil service and give the administration -- >> dana: we don't know that. >> bob: it's not as outrageous as using unnamed sources. >> andrea: we don't know. >> andrea: there are officials on the record conflicting with the record on national intelligence. completely different stories. it's contradicting with susan rice, secretary panetta.
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list goes on and on. >> bob: name me one agent on the record. >> dana: greg, if you are in the intel community. >> greg: i am. >> dana: basically you have been told we're taking the fall for this. behind the scene, you know that there is more to the story. there can be human error. would you put your career on the line if the white house were going to throw you under the bus? >> greg: we were told this is a different administration. smart people. they were the brainiacs. >> dana: opposed to what? >> greg: opposed to bush. obama, you had harvard academics coming in. they could multitask. these guys can't even mono-task. they can't do one thing right. the outrage and the shame for the administration is that the folks requested protection. hillary clinton's pantsuits are more secure than that consulate.
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this administration put julia before libya. >> bob: no proof -- >> greg: perhaps if they put planned parenthood in benghazi it would have been better protected. >> eric: how much more do you need to have two different i.e.d.s thrown at the consulate to realize you better start protecting the consulate? >> bob: this is not a secret. >> greg: it's not i.e.d.s. they're doorbell digits. work they call it workplace violence. >> bob: it says in the letter they were denied security. prove it. >> eric: two bombs went off outside the consulate wall. >> dana: i do think secretary hillary clinton when she said today she will cooperate that is the right thing to do. they cannot account for nine days with the american people. that's a huge problem. not a partisan thing. it happens that this is the chairman. knows that senator kerry sent a letter last week, too, saying we need answers on this. >> andrea: your argument is even worse. to eric's point, if you knew that there was an attempted attack in libya, why didn't
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the state department wake up and say we need to secure the consulate? whether stevens himself requested it, somebody was asleep at the switch. >> bob: according to the letter, eight requests were made for additional security. there is no proof of that. no evidence. >> dana: they're not going -- they're just going to make that up? >> eric: issa is lying, chafitz is lying -- and fox and cnn gained sources as well. so all the sources are lying. everyone is lying. >> dana: what was made up was the accusation that it was all because of a video. that was made up. >> greg: let's go through this. threats on facebook. we know that. ambassador fearing for his life. we know that. 9/11, four americans died. we know that. blaming the video, we know that. that has to be the worst example of administration leadership i've ever seen. if mitt romney doesn't bring this up tomorrow, he is isn't
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fit to run for president. >> dana: tomorrow night is the domestic policy. tomorrow night is about domestic policy. i bet romney finds a way to bring this in. when you talk about domestic policy you are talking about our security as well. >> eric: one more thing he might want to bring up. not far from libya, but two border agents shot and one died today 306789-year-old nicolas aye i have. he may want to say something since it's domestic policy, what have you done about the border, mr. president? what do you plan to do about the boarder in the next four years? >> bob: it surprises you that border agents die? >> eric: it's surprising we're still sending $1.3 billion to pakistan. >> greg: it should bother us. >> bob: it's an explosive area where people have guns. not the administration's fault people get killed. >> andrea: it's not? >> eric: >> bob: no. >> andrea: john bolton in new york has three security guards. >> eric: valerie jarret has a security detail flying her
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around the country. >> andrea: what is most troubling to know there is a revival of radical islam. the intelligence community. could you imagine being an intel officer that is saying i'm trying to do my job here. basically, the top is telling me up the -- selling me up the river. if you're diplomatic official, you're running for your life. forget policy. the arab spring has been a total failure. and where is president obama praising what is happening? >> dana: today, they pulled all of the american personnel out of libya today. >> bob: smart thing to do. you said rebirth of islamic terrorist? >> bob: on the march. >> bob: it's been on the march for 2,000 years. >> dana: i thought it was waning. >> bob: why are you surprised by this? vastly overrated. >> greg: this comes from the fact that the administration fears words. it's afraid to call a spade a spade, which is why the fort hood thing was workplace violence.
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all of that stuff, they can't call it terror. they're afraid of calling it terrorism because they have a fundamental fear of calling something what it is. they're scared. >> bob: are you in that upstanding mr. issa suggesting this the administration conspired to keep us from having information? >> eric: yes. >> bob: what is your proof? what is your proof? >> eric: nine days they blamed the movie. on the tenth or 11th they said obviously we knew it was terrorism, we didn't say it. bob, this is clearly -- you know what is worse than them not knowing if it was or wasn't but they sent out a confusing message. you say this, you say this, you say that. [ overtalk ] >> dana: your conspiracys about the intel community run right through here. let me tell you, you want to take them on. >> greg: it may not be a conspiracy. it could be incompetence. libya is a big rip in the seat of the administration's pants. they're sitting down covering
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it up. sooner or later you to stand up and deal with the problem. >> andrea: they have nev taken terror had on. >> bob: they killed bin laden but they don't take it head on. >> andrea: they don't. president obama does not. >> eric: i wish it was incatch tense but i have another thought -- incompetence but i have another thought. it's the message because they want to confuse the american people. >> bob: this is typical romney conspiracy theory you put out. put it out for his campaign. >> dana: fantasy land we could put the shoe on the other foot. that's not what you said, you would not say that if it happened in the other administration. >> greg: romney is mean to the garbage man. that's more devastating. >> dana: we'll get to that. but remember this classic moment from the 1984 presidential debate between ronald reagan and walter mondale? >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [ laughter ]
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>> dana: bob beckel was running mondale's campaign at the time. what did he think when he heard that line? he's going to tell us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: love that tom petty. so, it only took three weeks for administration to agree the libya attack was not spontaneous. you got to wonder where obama finds the staffers.
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i haven't seen this many clowns since ringling brothers had a job fair. who was the source who said the video caused all of this? video no one heard of until after the attacks. it's not a question. it's a scandal. it points to intellectual corruption of the highest order. deep desire to blame america for evil in the world while excusing the real perpetrators. breaking the paperclip i'm so angry. it's a question that changes an election. we can't remember how the media enabled this. i remember one guy getting it right. >> freedom of speech is only valuable if you exercise. it you abdicate it with election prejudices. you sold yourself cheap. setting a horrible precedent. you're december industr destroyr profession. >> greg: i should have changed the shirt. i'm wearing the same thing. he is gorgeous, nonetheless. others have picked up the ball.
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>> we have a first amendment not because the founding fathers loved the press. they hated the press. but they said to have a free country and be free people we needed a free press. that was done with implicit understanding that somehow the press would protect the people from the government and the power by telling somehow allowing people to have truth. that is abrogated as we speak. >> greg: one democrat and i agree. is it no wonder that the media wants benghazi-gate to be gone. it exposes their following the leader. where is the "60 minutes"? what about "highlights"? anyone? look at the unvision fast and furious investigation. it's brutal. now even mexico covers u.s. news better than u.s. networks.
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it's just extending from the faculty lounge, the overeducated grad student who has the orthodox going academia themselves or government or media. they feed off each other to switch on and off. no wonder they get it wrong and why we wipe the floor with them. what's wrong? >> dana: wow! >> greg: i'm fed up. >> dana: i can tell. >> greg: i don't know if i'm fed up. i might be irritated. >> dana: great points. >> greg: if this were to happen under bush. >> dana: oh, lord. honestly. >> bob: how many times are we going to say that? >> dana: because it's true. hypocrisy stinks. one thing that people don't realize when you're the press secretary, they don't end the briefings themselves. they call the briefing. then the senior wire reporters, he is the one or she decides when the briefing ends. i would never -- first, i never gone to the podium and said that in the first place. if i had, i don't think i would have gotten out of the room. they all would have been there pressing me as they should.
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the press secretary's job, 50% of it is defend the president to the press. the other 50%, defend the press to the president. so they have the access they need to do their job. if they are not going to do their job, what the point? >> dana: exactly. i have a theory. the last four years the media has gotten, they loss muscle memory. they're athletes and you use it or lose it. because they got their guy in power, they don't know how to chase a story anymore. except for precious few. >> andrea: did they ever have a muss to begin with? we still don't really know who president obama is. they wanted him to win. i would say that a lot of reporters were geeky growing up now. the cool kid, president obama, they want him to like them because inherently they're nerds. i'd say that but the blogs would go crazy. so i'm not going to say that. they have answers they owe earn in people.
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jay carney came out and gave conflicting answers. it would be one thing if the media were reporting on the conflicting answers. they're not doing any reporting. they're sitting back and watching glossy campaign pieces on the president. jake tapper, voice of honesty came out and said they lean left, they did in 2008 and they're doing it again. >> dana: reuters and cb s news have followed up on the story. if you look at the editorial pages today. >> greg: "usa today." when "usa today" calls you out on a story is a protester calling you out on hygiene. >> eric: they're 20 days late, though. my biggest problem is within a couple of days the guy from the national counterterror said, i think he said look, it looks like terrorism. a couple of days, ambassador rice talking to david gregory and candy crowley and bob schieffer and george stephanopoulos and not one of them pushed back and said what about it? what about the other people saying terrorism? where are you? how can you blame the movie? main stream media is complicit
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in this tragedy. can i say one point. jon stewart last night jumped on board and is calling the main stream media out. about time you get on board, too. >> greg: bob? you can talk as long as you want. >> bob: i don't want to talk. in your monologue you said they are out to get the american people and to protect america's enemies. strong statement. even coming from you. >> greg: i didn't say. that >> bob: you did. >> dana: as strong a statement you made against the intel community. jy said that this morning when we debated on america's newsroom. did you forget already? i said they're enemy of the american people. >> bob: i will say one thing. tease. fine. >> bob: no, go. bob. no. no. >> greg: don't sulk bob. you won't get tapioca pudding after the show. >> bob: it's okay. i'll read the main stream media. that's all there is, the network and "new york times." that's where i'll get all my news. >> greg: coming up, guess
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who the obama campaign is using to attract female voters. >> it's important for me to have a president who represents my values and my rights. >> it's important that women have a voice in this election. every vote counts. every voice counts. >> greg: yeah, because they don't have a voice apparently. what a surprise? celebrities. are the starlets the best choice to connect with women? which ones will i now no longer date? that's the real question. more on this nonsense when we return. ♪ ♪
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these debates are an opportunity for each of us to describe the pathway forward for america we would choose. people want to know who is going to win? who is going to score the punches? who is going to make the biggest difference in the arguments they make? >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who is going to have the best zinger. i don't know about that. no, no. governor romney, he is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> bob: welcome back. my name is bob beckel, i'm a member of "the five." and i wanted to just say how much a chance for me to talk to you. i appreciate it. now, debates. the debates are coming up. first big debate is tomorrow night. andrea is flying out to denver tonight to see and cover that for us. and you know, debates, having been through a through of
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these myself at presidential level, they're important events. sometimes overly stated but nonetheless they do matter and they shape people's thinking about a campaign and a race. let's take a look at one with a particular impact in the 1980 presidential campaign. >> governor reagan again, typically is against such a proposal. >> governor? >> there you go again. >> bob: i tell you, what was important about that was reagan was saying that carter had been misstating everything he said during the campaign taped he said there you go again. it brought it in to focus that reagan was the kind of guy being put upon. that was the idea there. but it stuck. it lasted. anybody have any thoughts about -- y'all weren't alive during that, except maybe greg. [ laughter ] were you alive? >> eric: yeah. >> bob: are you alive now? >> eric: yeah. reagan was great at that. he had a couple of moments. that one and the -- >> bob: don't say it. about to get to that one.
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>> eric: not going to do it? want me to comment on that one? >> bob: no. generic question. do you think the debates have moments to shape a campaign? >> dana: oh, sure. it's 2012 and we're still playing a sound bite from the 1980 campaign that all of us can remember because we're interested in politics. i was curious, at that time, in that debate, going into it, were either one of them favored? >> bob: cartered was slightly favored. not by much. one of the big advantages for reagan, people thought reagan was a mad bomber and too right wing. got up on the stage, i remember, i was there. got up there and he seemed like a genial guy, not a mad bomber. put it to rest for a lot of people's mind. not against carter but for reagan. >> greg: you just nailed the point about romney. what happens with reagan is that the media built up ronald reagan as the mad bomber. as the cold aloof father figure. you turn it out he's all
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right. romney, the worst thing you can say about him, successful businessman. he gives his money away to charity. if you read the media no,, cold-hearted man who hates his garbage man. >> bob: we talk about what has to happen tomorrow night. >> andrea: can i ask you a question? what would you advise mitt romney to do tomorrow? you said you were standing behind the curtain when reagan -- >> bob: take a look at this. this is the story about the second mondale reagan debate in '84. look at this mondale. i was directly behind the curtain for a while. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> bob: i don't know if you can see the shadow behind mondale but that was me going over. what has happened in the first debate, reagan came across as rather old. meandering and was seen as
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mondale winning the debate big-time. i didn't think he won that it big but the expectations if mondale was so low, on the stage with reagan gave him a win. then, of course, when the age issue got in, went on for two weeks. press was all over reagan and his age. reagan came up with the line 90 seconds in and that was the end of the debate. everything after that didn't matter. >> andrea: what would you tell romney to do? colossal mistakes like looking at your watch. >> bob: they are talking about him practicing zingers against obama. be careful. where's the beef which i'm proud of or what reagan did to mondale, unless the context is up, put a bumper sticker to make them understand clearly you have to be good to do that. i'm not sure romney should do it. romney should take it to obama and take it hard. i think obama will duck and not take it to romney. >> greg: simple advice for romney, tell the truth. the facts are on his side.
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style versus substance. >> bob: i do think that obama will ask romney to explain the tax plan. ryan said it was too complicated to explain. >> eric: obama is not going to ask romney anything. >> bob: listen, they all end up asking each other questions. >> eric: what i would do if i'm romney, no matter what they ask, just go right back to the economy. just go right back to the economy. throw numbers out there. just stay on this. >> andrea: going tough and hard. but he can't go too hard and too tough, then the media says he's angry, now he's an angry rich man. >> bob: come up with the numbers you talk about. obama has to defend numbers but so does romney. >> eric: what number does he have to defend? >> bob: how he will cut taxes and balance the budget? >> dana: he has a good answer. obama has a tougher time explaining how in 2008, he ran on one thing regarding taxes. in 2010 he changed his mind to
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protect his tail. then now his whole plan is against what he said in 2010, is worst thing to do for the country. >> bob: that debate has been out there and argued over and over for four years. the question is how romney says he will, not going to lose money cutting taxes because he is going to take away loopholes. he refuses to answer one question about the loophole. obama will push him. he should. >> greg: mitt has to say why did you cancel pipeline with 8.2% unemployment? >> bob: i'll answer if that if you answer which loopholes you will cut? >> dana: there you go again. >> bob: simple question, what loopholes are you going to cut on wealthy people? coming up, president obama uses heavy, heavy hollywood hitters in a new ad. ♪ >> women will help decide this election. >> i find a champion in president obama. >> i'm standing few for future of my daughter -- standing up for future of my daughter. >> bob: i don't know who those women are, but andrea
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will let us know who they are. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. we'll be back here. ♪ ♪ 6:00 eastern.
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now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: it's all hands on deck for the obama campaign. they want to make sure that favorability translates to votes on election day. especially with single women voters who historically don't turn out to vote. who better than to motivate them? take a look. >> if we understand our power, we can move forward. >> i passionately support him. specifically because i'm a woman. >> it's a story that touches me and one that is very familiar to me. >> when i hear him talk about his girls i know what he is thinking of is not just the future of this country, but the future of all young women. >> my daughter is going to have, may under a republican administration have a different set of opportunities and obstacles than my son. >> we have to get out there and make sure that this man stays in office. >> i'm standing up for future of my daughter, the future i want her to see. >> andrea: they even rolled out, as you saw, the first woman gloria steinham. it will make normal women turn
11:39 pm
out to vote on november 6? looking at those women, beyonce, jay-a-z's wife, sheryl crow and eva longoria. are they relatable? we're used to see them on extravagant vacations. >> dana: or they tweet out they're at starbucks to take a picture so they're just like us. that is what this is about. i've never been star-struck. if charles krauthammer said i should vote for this or that, that would persuade me. at this point it's noise. >> andrea: doesn't it point to the fact they're nervous single women you poll them and they say we like president obama over romney but they don't turn up to vote for november. they stay home try. ing to get them to go to vote. doing it to get them to look at i look at sheryl crow and
11:40 pm
ashley judd and do what they tell me. >> eric: they're doing what they probably should do. they had the single women vote so they try to get the enthusiasm level up. get them out to vote. romney doing something similar with married women. women who are heading households. they have an ad. i see romney or the super pac ad having women who voted for president obama in 2008. who over the course of four years were having a hard time in the economy. things are going so tough. they are disillusioned now going to vote for romney. they are both going after the target. it's all fair, right? >> andrea: listen to what they are saying about republicans, greg. maybe not so fair. eva longoria refers to anyone who criticizes obama as extremist. sheryl crow said the tea party is stupid and they don't know what they're angry at. my personal favorite, gloria steinham said of republican women, i mean, they think they bet dore what the powerful men tell them to do or they'll be in even more trouble. wow!
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>> bob: with all you respect, you and dana may not be at the table if it weren't for gloria steinham. she aided women going to college. it's not funny. she blazed a trail and deserves not the rest of the boombah whatever they're called but this woman is a historical figure in the women's group. >> andrea: the women's movement did a lot. she sits and insults women like dana. that is not a rallying cry for women. >> bob: she should not be compared to beyonce knowles and the rest of the women. >> andrea: that is a bunch of -- i can't say it on the air. >> dana: only greg is allowed to insult me. >> greg: right. you crazed you are chant. urchant.i have a theory about celebrity. shallow correction syndrome. you spend all your life trying to be famous then you get that point and you realize i'm shallow. so you create an artificial
11:42 pm
simulation of intelligence through the left wing politics. it's almost like plastic surgery for your brain. it's not really organic. it's fake. so they have to separate the stuff from the herd by adopting the political beliefs. when, in fact, they are immune from the own consequences. they can believe in whatever they want. they're rich enough so they don't get hurt by it. everybody else is punished by the garbage they believe. >> bob: so right wingers start off smart and realize in end they're stupid? justifies their existence. >> greg: i am talking about people living in a plastic bubble because all they care about is their own fame. they get to a point in their life and realize they are empty. they adopt adolescent fantasies as politics. >> eric: can i ask you, people in campaign, is it smart to go after the demo you have locked up? doesn't it make more sense to go after the other guy's demo? >> andrea: why they are not going after married women i don't understand. married women determine every election and they show up to
11:43 pm
vote consistently. but they need to create a phony narrative that somehow feminism is dead. and they need to -- this is the point. the argument they're making about women's health, it's irrelevant. gloria steenham is irrelevant today for women making more than men. more successful. they don't worry about the things she fought for. irrelevant. >> bob: so is abraham lincoln. there are no undecided voters now among single women. the question is turn-out. they're trying to turn out the vote. married women is decided as well. most decided vote in a long time they want to gen up the vote. >> andrea: eric bolling, guess who he ran in to today? terminator. talked him to handling the next tease. >> stick around, coming up -- >> i'll be back.
11:44 pm
>> bob: standing on a box? >> andrea: perfect. the rest of the conversation with the governator next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. this morning, i'm walking in the building, watching fox and friends. guess who is on? banana rama who i loved. >> greg: loved them. >> eric: they were in the studio. >> bob: who are they? >> eric: through a sea of people in hallway, hundreds of
11:48 pm
people in the hallway. wow, they're still popular? a guy grabs my arm, stops me, grabs my arm and says, "i love the five." literally, arnold schwarzenegger stop mess and says he loves the "the five." a couple of minutes later, i talk to his people. got him in the corner. asked him to put a couple seconds on tape. here is what he had to say. >> what do you think of "the five"? >> i love it. i think when you have the discussion and kicking around the different ideas, what is great about it is if you have democratic idea. people can learn something, both sides of an issue. then they can make up their own minds. i like the debate. i always learn. >> eric: you watch the show? >> all the time. >> eric: awesome. >> great laugh. >> eric: appreciate your time, sir. >> hope to be on the show. >> eric: you want to come on the show? >> get a guest to come on an kick around the ball a little bit. >> eric: put another chair in and make it "the six" for
11:49 pm
the day. great. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> absolutely. >> eric: thoughts real quick? >> greg: when you said he loved the five five he was talking about number. [ laughter ] fan of the number 5. he can count to five. >> dana: he was in kindergarten cop. go to kindergarten when you're five. >> eric: the reason i pitched him to do the segment, yesterday we talked about him. i didn't love what was going on with him. but i notice there is so much many people who are tuned in the governator. there were hundreds of people, paparazzi, mulling around. they want to get close to him. >> andrea: i was there for banana rama, like you, not for the governator. he said both sides of the story. that's what makes it interesting. we heard his side of the story. we haven't heard maria's side of the story. for someone like me who years ago, hid in a closet in larry king's studio -- i'm admitting this on air -- an pretended i was walking out of a door just to meet the governator at the
11:50 pm
time. i did get a picture with him, and his autograph. it didn't do it today. now i saw him and said sorry. >> greg: the philandermator. >> bob: i flew across the country and governator was on and refused to go on if i was a host. >> eric: if he he came down you'd hang out -- >> bob: i wouldn't sit next to the guy. he's likely to get up and walk away. >> eric: we have to get to this. roll the videotape. the obama administration campaign jumped the shark with the ad. >> my name is richard hayes. i pick up romney's trash. call us the invisible people. you know, he doesn't realize that if it wasn't for us, it
11:51 pm
would be a health issue, us not picking up trash. 55, 60 years old, i know my body will break down. mitt romney doesn't care about that. >> greg: that is amazing. if you don't get out there and hug your garbage man, you are a monster. go out there and spoon the garbage man. unbelievable. >> eric: gutfeld said you could do it. >> dana: it makes me sad. i don't want anyone to feel that we aren't for pulling in the same direction. we might have different policy prescriptions for how to get there. no one wants -- i don't think anyone in public life wants anybody to suffer. i don't. >> greg: i do. >> eric: have you seen anyone stoop to garbage man? the guy's garbage man? >> andrea: obama campaign a few months ago when they put out an ad that romney causes people to die and get cancer. >> dana:be this is a series of ads. >> eric: you went where's the beef, digging through romney's garbage. >> bob: going through opponent's garbage cans before
11:52 pm
running against them. you know, this is probably a waste of time. i don't think anybody wants to see the garbage guy fall. but it does separate romney and keeps perspective where romney is a wealthy, very out of touch guy. >> dana: if they had done this to john kerry? that would have been great. >> greg: cliche of libera liberalism, successful people don't care. he doesn't talk to his garbage man. >> bob: gave 3 all liberals -- every one of them. >> andrea: every time my garbage truck drives by, i always wave to them. >> eric: we all do. got to go. coming up, one more thing up next. next. ♪
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[tires screeching] >> dana: okay. time now for one more thing. andrea? >> andrea: okay. so, if barack obama wants to know what to do, all he has to do is watch the '94 debates. mitt, remember that debate, you had a chance to ask senator kennedy any question. and this is the question that he chose. >> women are concerned about the glass ceiling. women that i have seen in organizations have not been able to have the opportunity they deserve to have in getting ahead in organizations. what are your views about breaking through the glass ceiling? >> andrea: the glass ceiling, you have the line of the senate and that is the question you asked? i hope he is tougher tomorrow
11:57 pm
evening. >> dana: there were other questions you could have asked. >> andrea: ted kennedy? they can't say he was against women i guess. >> greg: by the way, i've never seen a glass ceiling before. >> dana: i'll show you one. just kidding. >> greg: >> so joe biden, fantastic joe biden pulled another one. this was today or yesterday. listen to joe biden talking about president obama, the last four years. listen. >> i mean we can stop all the malarkey. this is deadly earnest, man. this is the edly earnest -- deadly earnest. how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes to the middle class, has been very -- >> eric: i was going to white board but i'm not. because there is something very important happening tonight. on sean hannity's show. he had explosive, explosive video. you don't want to miss it. i can't tell you anything more but you have to watch it. >> dana: a new word.
11:58 pm
exclusive and explosive. >> eric: that's how big it is. >> greg: deadly earnest? that was astein seagal movie. >> dana: can i do my one more thing? you know how much i know about football. right? >> eric: what are you talking about? >> dana: and football and politics can mix. yesterday, woody johnson the owner of the jets and former quarterback of the denver broncos john elway both came out backing mitt romney. so bob, that could be a game-changer. >> eric: you know what that is? there is nothing more american than football. >> greg: are you saying obama is not an american? are you saying he is not an american? >> eric: romney -- >> dana: basketball did start in china, right? kidding. >> bob: basketball? >> dana: bob, can you save us. save our segment. >> bob: one of the great events happened last night.
11:59 pm
that is that the washington nationals, team not that m years ago lost 100 games, won their division. now a top team in baseball. by percentage of win and losses and will go on to win the world series. congratulations. >> dana: that is a prediction. like woody johnson and john elway. >> bob: but i'll be right. >> dana: the giants will cream the -- >> greg: the giants will cream the nationals. i'm doing my horoscope. they said, "one minute hard" in my ear. forget it. no one more thing from me. forget it. >> dana: horoscope means that your moon is rising. >> bob: full moon rising. >> dana: apparently so. >> bob: that is what happens when you do one of these things. never mind. sorry. sorry. sorry. secret here. >> extra special effort in the next few days you will enjoy success beyond your wildest dreams and some of your dreams are pretty


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